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Zika vaccines are finally being tested in humans, but what does it take to be part of this ground-breaking research? Find out what the Zika “vaccine soldiers” endure to contribute to science.

People living with Crohn’s Disease know their uncomfortable symptoms, but they don’t know why they are experiencing them. A new study by Mahmoud A. Ghannoum, professor and director of the Center for Medical Mycology at Case Western Reserve and University Hospitals Cleveland Medical Center, has identified a specific fungus and two bacteria that may help answer the questions of why some people develop the disease.

Could some people really have a sixth sense? An NIH study of rare genetic disorders may suggest the existence of the phenomenon describing one’s body in space.

So you won a goldfish at the carnival, but you think it would live a better life in a lake or river than in a bowl staring at your wall 24/7. What harm could one little goldfish do to a huge lake or river? Well, apparently, A LOT. Read how a goldfish turns from a pet to a pest when put in the wild.

Publishing something? Check out Buzzfeed’s “21 Brutal, Honest And Relatable Things That Happened In Academic Publishing” for a little comic relief!