New Set of Compliance Checks for NSF Proposals

NSF recently released a new series of compliance validation checks to ensure proposals comply with requirements outlined in the PAPPG, Chapter II.C.2.

Effective July 25, 2016, error messages will be generated for the following rules if not in compliance:

  • Biographical Sketch(es) and Current and Pending Support files are required  for each Senior Personnel associated with a proposal
  • Biographical Sketch(es) can only be uploaded as a file, must not exceed two pages and can no longer be entered as text.

These compliance checks will be in addition to the compliance checks that currently exist in Fastlane.

However, proposers should be aware that will allow a proposal to be submitted, even if it does not comply with these proposal requirements.  If a non-compliant proposal is received through, it will be returned without review.

So far, we’ve found these new validation checks to be advantageous to both our departments and Research Administration Office.  As many of you know already, the Fastlane proposal submission process is very intuitive.  Adding these automated validation checks makes the process that much easier now!