So. . .Who Are You Guys, Anyway?

As we mentioned in last week’s introduction, Johns Hopkins University Research Administration (JHURA) came about through the merging of several sponsored project offices within Johns Hopkins University. JHURA identifies opportunities and partnerships, facilitates the submission of sponsored project proposals on behalf of JHU, negotiates and executes agreements, provides coordinated advice and guidance regarding applicable rules and regulations, and assists faculty, staff, and students in proper stewardship of the University’s sponsored projects.

As a result of the various mergers, JHURA is responsible for the above tasks for the following JHU divisions: Bloomberg School of Public Health, Carey Business School, Jhpiego, Nitze School of Advanced International Studies (SAIS), Peabody Institute, School of Education, School of Nursing, Whiting School of Engineering, and all Centers and Institutes that are not associated with the School of Medicine or the Krieger School of Arts and Sciences.

To manage the heavy workload resulting from the efforts of our prodigious faculty, JHURA is loosely separated into teams that focus on a particular aspect of research administration. In the coming weeks and months, we look forward to providing information generated by our teammates to assist both internal and external research administrators in their activities.


Alexandra Albinak McKeown, Associate Vice Provost for Research Administration

Jennifer Barron, Executive Director

Cynthia Fortner, Senior Administrative Coordinator



Anthony Jenkins, Associate Director

Jennifer Hopkins, Senior Grants Associate

Gail Cusimano, Grants Associate

Denise Sparks, Grants Associate

Tom Mattern, Grants Associate

Taylor Mouring, Senior Sponsored Projects Specialist

Tiffaney Cline, Sponsored Projects Specialist

Williams Pearce, Sponsored Projects Specialist

Michael Ebelugwu, Sponsored Projects Specialist

Rachel Hoffman, Sponsored Projects Specialist

Deborah Novoa, Sponsored Projects Coordinator


The Grants team provides the final review and submission of all grant proposals from the schools and centers for which JHURA has responsibility. Each grants team member works closely with departmental administrators, staff, and faculty, providing guidance and advice to ensure compliance with University and sponsor guidelines, including federal and state regulations during the proposal development and review period, to ensure a successful submission. The Grants team is also responsible for the review, negotiation, and execution of all grant awards, including, but not limited to, foundations, private/profit companies, State, Federal, and Foreign Governments.



John Evermann, Assistant Director

Marcy DeSantis, Senior Grants & Contracts Associate

Ted Fehskens, Senior Grants and Contracts Associate

Ashley Hoover, Contracts Associate

Jessica George, Contracts Associate

Lacey Douthat, Contracts Associate


The Contracts team reviews and approves all contract proposals, and negotiates contracts, professional service agreements, memoranda of understanding, and other non-funded agreements.



Debra Brodlie, Associate Director

Gene Rutherford, Contracts Associate

Sandra Fink, Subawards Specialist

Eva Lenoir, Sponsored Projects Specialist

Bailey Gasior, Subawards Intern


The Subawards team is responsible for drafting, negotiating and managing outgoing Subagreements. The Subawards team works in conjunction with the department administrator, the Office of Finance, and the Controller’s Office to ensure the proper agreement is executed with a subrecipient, and helps to ensure risk mitigation and proper stewardship of research funds issued to collaborators.


Research Development

Charles Bartunek, Associate Director

Brittany McMahon, Program Coordinator


In collaboration with the Office of the Vice Provost for Research, the Research Development team proactively seeks both federal and non-federal funding opportunities in order to increase Johns Hopkins’ competitiveness nationwide. The team assists faculty with limited submission applications, initiates communication with funding agencies and Hopkins’ leadership, and collaborates with both internal and external personnel to drive excellence in outreach.


Office of Research Information Systems (ORIS)

Robert Taylor, IT Manager

Ellen Morthole, Senior Business Services Analyst

Ron Schultz, Business Services Analyst

Emily Yuan, Software Engineer

Tynekua Smith, Senior Data Analyst


The Office of Research Information Systems (ORIS) supports research proposal preparation and submission using the software known as Coeus.  ORIS offers an enterprise-wide, comprehensive training program, as well as daily functional and technical support through In addition, information and training materials are maintained at the ORIS website.