Training Thursday

trainingthursdayTo further advance employees, colleagues, and allies of JHURA, the blog is happy to present its initial “Training Thursday” blog post. 

Click here to go view webcasts that help train on promising practices in implementation under the Uniform Guidance.   The webcasts provide an opportunity to hear from thought leaders representing the Federal, State, University, and nonprofit grant community on their best practices, tools, and techniques for successfully implementing pre-award, post-award, and Single Audit processes under the Uniform Guidance.   The webcasts are a series of six panels that cover topics such as “Contract vs. Subaward Determination,” “Sub-Recipient Monitoring,” and “Indirect Cost Rates.”

Stay tuned each Thursday for a multitude of resources, trainings, and the occasional (and, we hope, helpful) “Throwback Thursday” post provided to you by JHURA!