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13662283_1113615832046943_5933085601278306017_oWith all of the recent hype over Pokémon Go, this meme seemed appropriate. Thanks to Research Administration Memes for always posting great content. You can check out their FaceBook by clicking here. Have a great weekend!

Untangling the Memorandum of Understanding

A “contract” is a legally binding agreement that obligates parties to do or not do something.  It can be verbal or written, short or long, formal or informal, general or detailed.  It can fall under a variety of names (agreement, purchase order, letter of intent/commitment/authorization, award, grant) and a spectrum of possible remedies.  Regardless of its name, though, a contract should, at a minimum, identify the parties, the subject, and the “consideration” (motive or inducement); have mutual obligations; and evidence mutual agreement.

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TBT: Background Intellectual Property

[Our ‘ThrowbackThursday’ posts are previously-published entries that touch on an issue, or issues, about which we’re frequently receiving questions from faculty and staff.  In this installment, we’ll be looking at the topic of Background Intellectual Property, which is an important consideration in virtually every sponsored research agreement.]

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