NIH & CDC transition to P accounts

The CDC and NIH have been transitioning to Payment Management System (PMS) subaccounts (also known as “P accounts”) in response to a U.S. Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) directive to Agencies intended to enhance financial data integrity and financial closeout for all awards. The CDC and NIH will continue transitioning payment for all domestic awards with new document numbers from PMS pooled accounts (G accounts) to P accounts until September 30, 2016. As of October 1, 2015, NIH will utilize only P accounts for awarding grant funds. Every grant that is awarded funding in FY 2016 (whether it be in the first, second, third or fourth quarter of FY 2016) will be in a P account.

In order to accommodate the transition to P accounts and for awards to be updated in SAP, Sponsored Projects Shared Services (SPSS) will need to add an additional institutional proposal number from COEUS. This can only be accomplished when departments create a COEUS continuation record . JHURA has already begun contacting individual departments when a Notice of Award arrives with the P subaccount designation and instructing that a record be created. SPSS will then create a new SAP number for these awards.

Please refer to the Q&A below. If you have additional questions or concerns please reach out to your JHURA contact.

Will I receive a new SAP grant number for my Non Competing Continuation (5) award under a P account?

How will I know when my award has changed from a G to a P account and what needs to be done by the department?
You should check your NOA and JHURA will contact you to create a continuous record in COEUS.

What will need to be included in the COEUS record?
When preparing your COEUS continuation record the minimal requirements include:
• Simplified COEUS Budget (Direct and Indirect cost only)
• Signed/Certified COEUS compliance questions.
• IRB/IACUC protocols renewals if expired (protocol numbers and dates entered into the special review tab and then copies of the protocol letters uploaded into the narrative section)
• A PDF copy of the most recent RPPR for the award (available through eRA Commons)

How will the transition from G to P accounts affect my outgoing subawards under the award?
For subaward modifications under a non-competing continuation (NCC) where the account has changed from a G to a P account, a new 96 IO number and a new PO will be issued for that modification. The subaward modification will be issued under the New SAP number. Note: JHU will not be taking F and A on the sub modifications under these NCCs. JHURA is currently working with the Sub Checklist system IT group to add a new category of subawards, “Modifications under a P account.” We will let you know when this fully operational. In the meantime, you should enter the sub modification as a “new” and in the comments section, note that it is really a mod under a P account.

Please send any questions to your assigned Grants Associate.