New Research Resource: Coeus Experts

It’s an ambitious endeavor to create teams across different areas in any business setting, but especially so in one as sprawling, diverse and vibrant as is Hopkins. In early Spring 2014, the Office of Research Information Systems (ORIS) partnered with the Bloomberg School of Public Health to do just that. Together, a pilot program was developed called “Coeus Experts,” with the idea that this new program would quickly expand to include nominated staff in all JHU Research Administration areas. The pilot was a resounding success, the program expanded as expected and the Enterprise-wide cadre of graduates were celebrated at a capstone conference at Mount Washington Conference Center on March 27, 2015.

Coeus Experts candidates, drawn from Coeus users with extraordinary proposal development experience, leverage their already extant expertise in system-to-system knowledge, broadening that talent through 18 hours of additional training and culminating in the production and presentation of a collaborative class project. Ultimately, graduated Coeus Experts combine departmental, ORIS and ORA perspectives and support with a goal of faster and more successful proposal preparation, leading to more successful funding attempts for faculty.

Coeus Experts, known as CEs, serve a two-year term as active Experts, participating in bi-monthly face-to-face meetings and monthly conference calls. In addition, they serve as a resource to ORIS in diagnosing bugs or other Coeus behaviors and will assist in testing Kuali Coeus (KC) as we move closer to the KC transition. After their two-year term, they will be considered Coeus Partners, at which point they are released from mandatory service, though always welcome to continue if they so desire.

A list of JHU Coeus Experts can be found at the ORIS website, along with photos from the First Annual Coeus Experts Conference. (Note that you must be behind the JHU Firewall to view the ORIS site.) Look for the Coeus Expert plaque hanging near your CE’s desk, or the Coeus Expert mug in their hand!