Repository for JHU Researchers to Share Data

[This post was provided by Betsy Gunia, Data Management Consultant for JHU Data Management Services.]

We continue to see increasing interest from funders, publishers, and many research communities in sharing data outside of original collaborations and beyond the life of the project. While some academic disciplines have established research data repositories to meet this need (e.g., Influenza Research Database, Protein Data Bank), many disciplines do not. At Johns Hopkins University, JHU researchers have the option of depositing their research data into the JHU Data Archive, which accepts data from any discipline and with any file format.

JHU researchers have two services available to them: Small Data Collections or Large Data Collections Single Grant.ArchServiceComparisonTable

The Small Data Collections service is designed for data sets associated with discrete research products such as publications, simulation models, experiments or small projects. The Large Data Collections Single Grant is ideal for large projects for individual grants where more data preparation support is required. Both services create a permanent citation and DOI for data sets, facilitating both attribution for authors and linkage to research publications.

The JHU Data Archive is run by JHU Data Management Services. Please contact the team ( to determine if either the Small Data Collection Archiving Service or Large Data Collections Single Grant is a match with your needs. Please note, at this time, deposited data may not have any privacy, security, intellectual property, or other types of restrictions.