Webinar on OMNI Uniform Guidance

The Johns Hopkins University research administration offices are pleased to invite JHU employees to attend a webinar on the new OMB Uniform Guidance, sponsored by the National Council of University Research Administrators.

This guidance, which will go into effect in December, 2014, impacts all federal grants and contracts. There will be significant changes affecting all federally sponsored funding, and we encourage you to attend this important webinar.

The webinar will be broadcast in the following locations on multiple campuses. You will not be required to separately register, unless you would like to view from your office.

  • East Baltimore: Hurd Hall, SOM
  • East Baltimore: Sommer Hall, JHSPH
  • Homewood: Arellano Theater
  • Homewood: Room N635, Wyman Park Building

Please contact us with any questions.  We look forward to seeing you!


After two years of discussion and debate, the new OMB uniform guidance was released on December 26, 2013. The Uniform Guidance, or Omni-Circular, consolidates eight OMB circulars into a single document and changes some fundamental concepts underlying the management of sponsored programs. Research administrators across the country have been reading, highlighting, flagging and tagging the regulations, while also trying to determine how the new material applies to our institutions. There has been considerable analysis to date, and this session will target information that universities need to understand about what the Guidance means and how it will affect our current policies and business practices.  Is there still effort reporting?  Can we buy iPads and laptops? Do we still have title to equipment vested in universities? How do we monitor subrecipients? Do we have to change the way we charge fringe benefits?

The panel will provide current information about interpretations of those questions and many others.  This guidance is the single most significant change in research regulations in the last 50 years.  Join the panel for a review of its key elements.

Learning Objectives:
Participants will gain an understanding of the new OMB uniform guidance on sponsored programs administration
Participants will learn how the guidance may change their business practices
Participants will learn what to expect in the next year as a result of this new guidance

Kim Moreland, Associate Vice Chancellor for Research and Sponsored Programs, University of Wisconsin – Madison

Michelle Christy, Director, Office of Sponsored Programs, Massachusetts Institute of Technology
Mark Davis, Vice President for Higher Education, Attain
Cindy Hope, Assistant Vice President for Research, The University of Alabama David Kennedy, Director of Costing Policies and Studies, Council on Governmental Relations

Jim Luther, Assistant Vice President, Research Costing Compliance, Duke University