Announcing Our New Seminar Series

BDLHThe Office of Research Administration is proud to announce the launch of its Seminar Series.  These bi-monthly presentations will focus on myriad topics relating to the administration of sponsored projects, with presenters coming from both inside and outside of JHU.

The goal of the Series is to facilitate the educational growth of research administrators, and, to that end, attendees will have an opportunity to ask questions and participate in the seminar to help gain a better understanding of the subject(s) discussed.  Additionally, all feedback is welcomed not only regarding the presentations themselves, but also with respect to future topics and presenters, to ensure that the most current issues are addressed.

Details on the first presentation are below.  We look forward to having you join us!

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Title:                Going International: Global Research Administration & Compliance

Date:               April 23, 2014

Time:               10:00a-11:30a

Location:         Bloomberg School of Public Health, Room W1020

Guest Speakers:

  • Debra Brodlie, JD (Assistant Director in the Office of Research Administration)
  • Rick Inglis (Assistant Director in Financial Research Compliance)

Summary:        Debra and Rick will discuss the challenges faced when working with high-risk subrecipients in foreign countries. Topics will include federal compliance, subrecipient monitoring, and mitigating risk.

We encourage all departmental staff and faculty who are interested in learning more about doing business with foreign recipients to attend.