Fun-day Friday

Happy Friday all! It is a rainy day here in Charm City, but we aren’t going to let that bring us down- today is a day to celebrate!

Celebrate what, you ask? Well other than it being Friday- arguably the best day of the week, today is also the official launch date of our brand-spankin’-new JHSPH ORA website! We are so excited to have our Hopkins site rejuvenated, featuring not only a live feed of our blog posts, but also information about our office, what we do, and who we are. Are you looking for NIH deadlines? Go to our site! Don’t know who to contact about your grant, contract, or subaward? Go to our website! We hope that this site will become a reference for all of your Research Administration needs, to those internal and external to Hopkins.

We want to thank David Croft, Barbara Benham, and Michael Riley for their crafty computer skills and amazing work!