Research Administration Is. . . (Preface)

oldjhsphTwo weeks ago, we celebrated our second year of bringing you, our faithful readers, scribblings on myriad topics relating to research administration.  As we reflected on how far we’ve come, we realized that the vast majority of our posts have presumed at least some knowledge of the inner-workings of grants or contracts.  But what of those people new to research administration who are still trying to figure out the differences among IDC, TDC and MTDC?  Or even how a grant proposal comes together?

Consequently, we’ve created a multi-part series (we’re fond of these) that looks at all facets of award procurement from an institutional perspective.  Starting tomorrow, we will feature weekly articles from the following points of view:

JHSPH Faculty Member, on the decision to apply for an award and resultant actions

JHSPH Department Administrator, on the department’s role in facilitating an award

ORIS Research Data Analyst, on common errors when using COEUS

Office of Research Administration Part One, on how we effectuate (or hinder, depending on your POV) the award moving through to signature

— Senior Financial Analyst, on what the Finance office does and what they look for when processing the award

— Office of Research Administration Part Two, on the issues involved with drafting outgoing subcontracts that adhere to the policies both of the Prime and of JHU

We’re pretty excited about the above, not just because it allowed us an opportunity to interact with colleagues in other areas, but also because we feel that they will be great learning tools.  As much as we here in ORA may think that we know what a Professor has to do to pull together his NIH proposal, reading a firsthand account of what goes on behind the scenes will help us better understand the process, and might even afford us opportunities to work together to alleviate concerns that were previously unknown.

So, we hope you join us in the coming weeks, and we also encourage you to leave comments as to your own experiences and how similar or different they are to what occurs at JHSPH.