Soup To Nuts: The NIH Proposal Process (Part Three)

Fig. B4 ? NIH Campus aerial Photograph







Today’s post is one in a series exploring the process of preparing and submitting an NIH proposal. 

Part I – Overview/Regular Research Grants

Part II – Regular Research Grants

Program Project Grants

P01 – A Research Program Project grant is awarded to support broad, multi-investigator research programs that may span many disciplines.  The contemplated activities should have an overarching research focus, unlike more ‘standard’ grants whose goals need to be identified with more specificity.  While the various projects may operate independently at various times, they each should contribute to the central focus of the research.

Center Grants

P20 – Exploratory Grants, as the name suggests, are awarded to support the planning of new programs, the modification or expansion of existing programs, as well as feasibility studies of possible interdisciplinary programs that are of particular relevance to NIH’s mission.  The results of these studies may the creation of specialized or comprehensive centers.

P30 – A Center Core Grant is directed to supporting multiple investigators and projects that focus on a common research goal.  These grants can be used in companion with additional, independently-funded awards received from each of the participating investigators to facilitate their access to important and necessary resources for the life of their research.

Institutional Training Grants

T32 – An Institutional National Research Service Award from NIH allows institutions to make an NRS award to predoctoral or postdoctoral students for training in certain areas.  This grant allows the program coordinator to not only select the student recipients, but also develop the curriculum (including both study and research opportunities) that will expose them to the necessary quality of training.  The project period for T32 grants are is capped at five years, though it can be renewed.

T35 – An NRSA Short-Term Research Training Grant is specifically directed to students in health professional schools who are interested in receiving intensive, short-term research training experience in an effort to encourage careers or research activities in areas of particular national need.  As with T32s, a T35 grant can be for up for five years, with the possibility of renewal.


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