A Brief Word About Who We Are

Every so often, we think it’s a good idea to inform our new readers (and remind our existing followers) of just who we are and what we hope to accomplish.  So, without further ado. . .

First, the “we” is the Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health (SPH), and specifically the Office of Research Administration (ORA).  Most of our visitors know what we do, but for the benefit of those who ended up here looking for a particular Dreamworks character – We are the administrative end for all of SPH’s research grants and contracts.  What that means is that, if they want money to focus on a particular project, a researcher will invariably have to utilize the resources of our office to procure the funds.  Not surprisingly, our personnel perform numerous tasks on behalf of the School and its faculty, and in the past two years you’ve been treated to scribblings and policies related to our efforts.

As you can already tell, these scribblings cover a wide variety of topics, from grant-related concerns to contractual tips, to upcoming events hosted by our office and our colleagues. While we obviously focus first on assisting our Hopkins brethren, the substantive issues discussed are likely similar to those encountered by ORAs spanning the country.  Consequently, we hope that this blog will, at least in part, help to facilitate discussions amongst institutions that perhaps wouldn’t ordinarily communicate.

That, ultimately, is our goal moving forward.  Yes, this will serve as a one-way conduit of certain pieces of information, but we’re hopeful that it will largely provide a forum for the exchange of questions, answers and ideas. We encourage you to leave comments, and to reach out to us and others through our Facebook page and Twitter feed.  In the end, our primary aim as research institutions is to ensure that the work of our PIs is disseminated as widely as possible, so the more we can all help each other accomplish our goals the better!

So. . .we hope you stick around and contribute, not just here but through our other social media outlets.  We figure that you’ll be able to find something interesting and engaging from among our various platforms, but we’re not above shamelessly catering the whims of our constituents.  To that end, if you have questions, suggestions, concerns, or even simply want to acknowledge our presence, please don’t ever hesitate to an email to admin@bloggingora.com.

Additionally, if you’re interested in contributing to our corner of the internet universe, we would love to feature you as a guest blogger! Contact our main email address (admin@bloggingora.com) or Mary Marcenelle (mmarcene@jhsph.edu) for information on how to get published.

We’re glad you found us, so click around, take advantage of our search function and category listings and stay awhile!