Fun-day Friday

Happy Friday one and all!

You may have noticed that our dear friend Orin has been absent over the last couple of weeks. We received a quick email from him letting us know that he is, indeed still truckin’ along down at BPU. I think he has finally felt the full force of what it means to be a member of the office of research administration staff! Hopefully we will hear from Orin again soon, but until then, let’s look back at some of our “most frequently viewed” Fun-Day Friday posts.

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NCURA’s YouTube Tuesday

Of the regulations of which research administrators must be aware during their activities, the OMB circulars are likely the most consulted and important.  In this week’s NCURA YouTube Tuesday, Jamie Caldwell, Director of the Office of Research Services at the Health Sciences Division at Loyola University Chicago, discusses the various circulars that impact our efforts.

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