Fun-day Friday

From: Atkinson, Orin
Sent: Friday, February 15, 2013 2:33 PM
Subject: Blog Post- week one in ORA!

Good Afternoon Research Admin enthusiasts, and happy Friday!

I just finished my first week here at BPU, and let me tell you- it’s been a doozy! Starting at any new establishment can be an intimidating  yet exciting process and my first week has been all that and a bag of cheese doodles. I’ve mostly realized 3 things this week…

1)      Access is key

Most of you are probably thinking “access to…..what exactly?” and all I can say is EVERYTHING! Although I did have some previous knowledge of Research Administration, all of my reading did not prepare me for the amount of systems needed in order to get the job done! I mean- HOLY COW! So not only did I learn about all of the programs needed, but I had to put in request after request to a guy in my own dept. to get permission, then a woman in the actual dept. that handles such things to get access to all of them. Every time I was asked to attempt a task, I found out that I didn’t have access to the necessary system. EXHAUSTING, but after two days and several emails, I am finally set up- for now that is.

2)      IDK my BFF Rose?

Did you understand what that ^ meant? Then you’re a lot better at acronyms than I am! I didn’t realize that I was getting a job in a 12 year old girls gchat conversation, except instead of “omg’s” and “lol’s” I’m hearing NOA, NCE, SAP, FCOI, MTA, and so on. I started a list of all of the acronyms that I’ve been hearing and have been slowly putting two and two together as to what they actually mean. I’ve already had so many “ah-hah!” moments and it’s only week one!

3)      Classes didn’t stop in college

This week I have taken more online classes than my university provided! I was prepared to take the general online welcome “class,” where they provide an information overload about your new place of employment, but I was not quite ready to sit for 8 hours watching videos and taking quizzes. I’ll admit, the information will definitely be handy, but I’m so overly ready to jump into the action!

Overall, I think week one was a success. I’m all classed, acronym’d, and emailed out, so the weekend will be a great time to rejuvenate. Until next week pals!

Orin R. Atkinson 

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