Sheldon’s Fun-day Friday

In memory of our adventurous tortoise friend, Sheldon, Happy Friday All!

I apologize for the absence of our Friday posts but honestly folks, writing a blog today just doesn’t feel right. Throughout the week, my colleagues and I have been wracking our brains to try and find a topic, theme, etc, to fill the void, where Sheldon’s every thought and feeling use to be expressed. However, nothing we could come up with could measure up to Sheldon’s witty writings. Luckily, the day (literally- Sheldon’s fun-day Fridays) have been saved and we can keep our day jobs! On Tuesday we received the following email from a young fellow, in response to our Social Media Monday post last monday.

——To Whom it May Concern at the JHSPH, Office of Research Administration,

 My name is Orin Randall Atkinson and I am a recent graduate of Fair Ridge University. I have been following your blog for the past year and was sad to hear that Sheldon would no longer be writing the Sheldon Fun-day Friday blogs. I have always been interested in Research Administration, which is what initially led me to your blog. However, I have also really enjoyed ending my week laughing about the comical posts by Sheldon.

I am emailing you today in response to your “Calling all Bloggers” social media post. Although I am not wholly experienced in Research Administration I believe that I can offer a new outlook into what Research Administration is and it’s workings. Since my graduation in the Spring, I have been applying for internships, and have recently been offered a fantastic opportunity at the Research Administration office at Bisset P. University. I understand that you are seeking one-time posts, but, if you’re willing, I think this could be a great alternative to the weekly Sheldon posts. My suggestion is this…

I will account my experiences as I learn, live, and thrive (hopefully), in the research administration business! Every week I can send you an email detailing what I learned and experience the week before. I find myself to be an interesting fellow, and believe that I could entertain while also keeping relevant to Research Administration.

 I start my internship February 11 th, so please let me know if you are interested! Thank you for your time and consideration!

 Orin Atkinson

 P.S.- congrats on the Super Bowl Win!! I decided to sport my purple and black all last week in celebration!!


Needless to say, we are definitely taking him up on his offer! Look out for Orin’s first post next week!!