NIH Updates

While the focus of many research administrators and their faculty has been on the looming budget cuts and their impact on an institution’s award possibilities, we shouldn’t ignore several recent notices by NIH that impact all of us regardless of finances.

First, NIH has released a Public Access Compliance Monitor that will allow institutions to track whether their publications are in compliance with NIH’s Public Access Policy.  Users must first obtain a PACR role in eRA Commons, and, once logged in, they will be able to view detailed information for every article, such as associated PDs and PIs and the article’s PubMed ID.  Institutions will also be able to use the Monitor for papers deposited into NIH’s Manuscript Submission system (NIHMS).

NIH has also enabled a feature in My NCBI that allows institutions to more easily report publications in paper progress reports through form PHS 2590.  The resultant My Bibliography report (in .pdf format) will be required at the same time that the Research Performance Progress Report is require for all SNAP and Fellowship awards, which is expected in the coming months.  Not only will it streamline the ability to learn the compliance status of each publication, but it also will ensure that the associations in PHS 2590 are captured in NIH electronic systems such as RePORTER.

Finally, NIH provided an important reminder and update on its policy regarding post-submission application materials in light of concerns since its initial release.  Of particular note are changes to when information may be submitted concerning training grant appointments and professional promotions or positive tenure decisions.

As always, we encourage everyone to follow Sally Rockey’s great blog to keep up to date with NIH polices and procedures.