Sheldon Fun-day Friday

You’ve done it again minions, Friday is here!! And the Holidays have started in earnest.

Now, December is the month of celebrations for love, family, and community.  However, while most of you are fawning over the joys of the Holiday season, I prefer to celebrate the true meaning of the holidays.  Obvi, I’m talking about THE GIFTS.  Don’t pretend you weren’t thinking about the same thing.

Great gifts, sentimental gifts, gag gifts, and the plain awful gifts. Everyone has received at least one of each. To save you from giving a phony “I Love it!” a billion times, let us reflect on 5 Gift Giving Rules for Dummies, shall we?

  1. Re-gifting?—Don’t even think about it. The odds that whomever you re-gift to finds out that you previously received said gift may seem slim, but if you’re on the receiving end of the re-gift you just know. Plus, if you didn’t like it, what makes you think your friends will? Poor form, sir.
  2. Pets of any sort—What are you thinking?! A living gift says, “hey, this is really cute so you should have it…BUT, I’m not going to pay for vet visits, shots, food, or training, soooo GOOD LUCK!” Gifting a responsibility and a money pit. . .thank you, Santa?
  3. “Funny” gifts—Only YOU think they are funny. Witty t-shirts are a fashion-catastrophe; lawn gnomes or any type of painted-face figures are terrifying; and basically anything from here. Just steer clear, okay?
  4. Giving your friends’ or families’ kids toys that make noise—Why would you do that? Do you honestly like them and do you want them to like you in the future? “Here’s a gift that will make you hate me, I hope your children enjoy it.”
  5. Buying clothes for your wife, girlfriend, female significant other?—Little hint, DON’T. You’ll never get it right, it’s a sure lose-lose situation. If you don’t know her size, you’ll either offend her by getting a size too big, or make her feel terrible about herself when she tries to squeeze into that size small top.

The list goes on and on, but I’m going to give you a little credit. Honestly, folks, if all else fails give money. Money OR booze, but for the sake of getting this blog posted, probably just money :]

Happy Holidays!