Social Media Monday

Some of you may remember that the September/October issue of the NCURA Magazine published an article entitled Harnessing the Power of Social Media Pt.1, written by two of JHSPH’s very own, Charles Bartunek and Katie Magrogan. The article, the first in a series, described how social media, particularly Facebook, was an advantageous way for research administration offices to disseminate vital information to their faculty and departments.

Recently, Part Two of Harnessing the Power of Social Media was published in the December issue of the NCURA magazine, and continues the theme that social media is a fundamental tool for those involved in research administration. Specifically, Bartunek and Magrogan dive into other social media platforms such as Twitter, YouTube and blogs, as well as more emerging sites such as Google+.

For each of these social media devices, the article provides readers with an overview of what each of these outlets are and how they can be helpful for your office.  As in part one, the authors not only provide information as to how each site works, but also how to create accounts so that administrators can reach their audience most efficiently.

If you are interested in creating social media accounts for your office but aren’t sure where to start, we hope that you will utilize the resources in the article.  Additionally, we are always happy to talk shop with our colleagues at any stage in the social media process, as we are all just starting to learn how effective each platform can be to our efforts.