Sheldon Fun-day Friday

You’ve done it again minions, Friday is here!! And the Holidays have started in earnest.

Now, December is the month of celebrations for love, family, and community.  However, while most of you are fawning over the joys of the Holiday season, I prefer to celebrate the true meaning of the holidays.  Obvi, I’m talking about THE GIFTS.  Don’t pretend you weren’t thinking about the same thing.

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From The Vault: Guest Blogger: From Pre-Award to Proposal Development – A Day in the Life

[Occasionally, we like to revisit posts from days gone by that either (1) are always relevant, or (2) are the subject of recent questions received by our office.  In keeping with the holidays and the spirit of collaboration, today’s From The Vault looks back on the issues faced in two areas along the award chain, as written by our very first Guest Blogger.]

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NCURA’s YouTube Tuesday

Even though we focus the bulk of our efforts to award procurement and maintenance, we shouldn’t forget about closeouts, which can not only affect current research but also potentially compromise the receipt of future funding opportunities.  In this week’s NCURA YouTube Tuesday, Bob Andresen, of the University of Wisconsin-Madison, discusses the best practices for this aspect of the process.

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Social Media Monday

Some of you may remember that the September/October issue of the NCURA Magazine published an article entitled Harnessing the Power of Social Media Pt.1, written by two of JHSPH’s very own, Charles Bartunek and Katie Magrogan. The article, the first in a series, described how social media, particularly Facebook, was an advantageous way for research administration offices to disseminate vital information to their faculty and departments.

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Sheldon’s Fun-day Friday

Happy Friday, minions!

The holiday season is upon us, with Hanukah starting tomorrow night and Christmas in 18 days.  Based on the decorations engulfing my hellhole home, it seems that my handlers take these events very seriously, as there are adornments at every turn.  I understand that it’s a festive time of year and all, but I think these folks are taking things to the extreme.

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