Social Media Monday

We hope that everyone enjoyed the Thanksgiving holiday, and that y’all are slowly but surely emerging from your food comas.

Given the impact of tryptophan and today being Cyber Monday, we thought we would keep Social Media Monday brief and continue promoting the SocMed efforts of NCURA, which we initially discussed two weeks ago.

Today, we direct you to Collaborate, which essentially operates as the NCURA offspring of LinkedIn and your favorite message boards.  With respect to the former, members can create a profile and utilize the site for networking purposes.  Regarding the latter, NCURA has created several different forums on myriad topics with the goal of encouraging discussion among research administration personnel across the world.

There are plenty of places to poke around once you’ve logged in, so take it for a test drive and take full advantage of what the site has to offer.  As a personal success story, we will be forever grateful to the site for alerting us to Brigette Pfister’s blog at VCU, who became our very first Guest Blogger in July.