Sheldon’s Fun-day Friday

Well, minions, the time has come. YES, it’s finally Friday *again* but it is almost time for one of the best holidays of the year, Thanksgiving!

Although I spend most of my days actively partaking in the core aspects of Thanksgiving, i.e. the eating and sleeping, I still appreciate the overall sappiness of the Holiday. So I’ll get the lovey-dovey-ness out of my system now. Thank you to all the minions that love and worship me, not only every Friday, but every day. . .I like you, too.

Now to the real, Thanksgiving deal — To be as gluttonous as possible. The fact that it is socially acceptable for one day (besides Christmas) to eat till your heart’s content, and then sleep the rest of the day, should make anyone jump for joy. If I shopped in retail stores, I’d also totally get a kick out of Black Friday, but you can’t get style like mine from Target, no matter how French you try to pronounce it.

This Thanksgiving I’m hitting the road, heading north and I’m not looking back. I’m going to check out how the minions up in Pittsburgh throw down for this festival of food Holiday. Alright, so going to a rival’s threshold wasn’t entirely my idea, but my main minion drew the long straw for getting to take me home for the Holidays.

I’ve never ventured to Pittsburgh on my own so I’m anxious to see how this trip will pan out. I’ve heard that there may be a slight language barrier (“what?!”), and the terrain can be difficult to navigate, but I have my Pittsburgh-ese for dummies and my chauffeur, so I accept the challenge.  Plus, anything I can do to get away from this assault on the senses will be much appreciated.