Social Media Monday & YouTube Tuesday

Unfortunately, some recurring server issues yesterday prevented us from posting the next installment of our Social Media Monday series.  However, we thought we’d take the opportunity to make lemonade and provide a two-fer, namely a SMM/YouTube Tuesday combination.  While our Social Media Monday posts provide various hints, tips, and clues to utilizing social media in your office, we also like to recognize ORA/OSP offices that seem to take Social Media to the next level.  Consequently, it’s only fair that we recognize NCURA for their superb use of Social Media as part of their outreach to administrators across the world.

Perhaps the biggest feather in NCURA’s SocMed cap is YouTube Tuesdays, a weekly feature that provides brief video of research admin personnel providing explanations regarding important topics in the field.  In addition to YouTube, NCURA and its various regions also maintain other Social Media accounts.  The national organization regularly Tweets and posts on its Facebook page. Our very own Region II of NCURA has an active Facebook page as well.  Besides promoting upcoming events, these Facebook pages can also serve as snapshots to commemorate important events, such as last week’s Annual Meeting in Washington, DC.

As usual, the conference played host to various workshops, speakers and panels, and this year featured a panel discussion on Social Media in Research Administration, hosted by two of JHSPH’s very own, as well as Dan Nordquist from Washington State University.  The slides from our portion of the presentation will soon be available from the NCURA website, but ­­we created this .pdf version for those who wanted to get at least a basic idea as to what we discussed (albeit minus the bells and whistles of PowerPoint).  While the creation and maintenance of any SocMed platform requires a considerable amount of time and effort, we were encouraged to discover so many offices considering such programs, and look forward to interacting with them in the future.