A Brief Note On NCURA’s Annual Meeting

As most of you were aware, JHSPH’s Social Media Team co-hosted a panel this past Tuesday at NCURA’s Annual Meeting (with the esteemed Dan Nordquist) concerning the use of Social Media in research administration, with a follow-up discussion group later in the afternoon.  While we figured that there would be some interest in this comparatively new aspect of our professions, the turnout and feedback exceeded our expectations.  It was wonderful meeting folks from literally all over the world, and we trust that you all came away with something substantive other than the fact that we have a turtle as our office mascot.

So, to all of you who took the time to listen to us blather on, and to those who couldn’t attend but follow our scribblings, we all just wanted to say Thank You.  As our slide showed, we’re at ~70 research institutions as regular readers and counting, and we’re hopeful that our interactions with each of you will increase in the coming months.  To that end, if you’re interested in contributing to our Guest Blogger program, please shoot an email to news@bloggingora.com and we’ll set up accordingly.

(Ed. Note: The slide looks even better in PowerPoint, and we’ll be uploading our whole presentation to the site shortly.)