Sheldon Fun-day Friday

Happy Friday, minions! You have not only made it through a work “week” but you’ve braved the storm- literally.

I think the minion that smothers me with too much food and affection FINALLY understands why I stay in my shell for hours on end. I’ll admit it; I’m not the most active tortoise.  I spend my days nestled up in my warm, protective shell sleeping. It’s fantastic. I come out to eat and to sporadically pace, but more or less, I prefer to keep inside. Some call that being lazy or un-social, but have you ever known me to care what other people think?

After a week like this, with Hurricane Sandy booming about like she owns the place, I can imagine that most people will now, more than ever, envy my life. I feel sorry for you minions. Not only do you not have rock-hard abs shells, but you have to put up with finicky weather constantly. Earthquakes last year, sun last week, hurricane this week, so what’s next? With the way this weather is going, you’ll probably be buried under 5 feet of snow next month.

I think it’s safe to say that Mother Nature isn’t your number one fans, minions. Sorry ‘bout it.

Well my weather faring minions keep doing what you do- I’m going to get my nap on.