Social Media Monday

There’s a lot going on with  Hurricane Sandy about to touch down here in Baltimore, Maryland. So today, from the safety of my home, I’d like to briefly discuss how social media can be a key source of information in times of trouble.

Although we normally like to focus on how social media can help to advance your office or department in regards to research, I find that it’s only appropriate to focus on how those at The Weather Channel have made it possible for you to stay up-to-date.

With Hurricane Sandy threatening the east coast, The Weather Channel (TWC) has a constant feed going through all of their social media networks. It’s important to utilize these social media outlets to keep informed on what’s going on around you. Yes, you can watch TWC on your televisions; however they also have a streaming website, an active twitter account and a Facebook page. By utilizing these other social media networks, TWC has offered a way for everyone to stay informed.

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Everyone please take caution and please stay safe.