Sheldon’s Fun-day Friday

Alright, folks, it’s that time of year again. Yep, Halloween!

Sorry I’m not sorry that I haven’t prepared some elaborate history lesson the All Hallow’s Eve.  I prefer to bask in the day’s festivities rather than what they all mean or where they came from. Ghosts, ghouls, and vampires, Halloween is a SciFi person’s dream holiday!

What I don’t understand about Halloween is how someone could decide to not take part in the festivities. Although eating my  Shamu’s weight in candy isn’t my thing, I still enjoy gallivanting, watching scary movies and admiring the minions’ choice of attire for the evening.

Halloween is the one day that minions can wear tutus, masks, and buck-teeth without being taunted or questioned. The weirder and more unexpected the better! I’m not one to brag. . .okay, yes I am. . .but Halloween is also yet another day where turtles are idolized for their overall awesomeness.  It’s okay to admit it: Girls and guys alike, of all ages, and of all species, want to be one of us.

So break out your green body paint and shell backpacks, because Halloween is upon us.