Sheldon’s Fun-day Friday

TGIF Minions, you have made it through another week! In just a little while, you’ll be able to go off and do whatever it is that you like to do, whether it be hanging out with friends, traveling, or blowing a ton of money on things that you’ll never use. This brings me to what I’d like to discuss today- useless, expensive things that make you wonder “why?”

As I was perusing the internet this week, I stumbled upon numerous things that made me think, ”Well wouldja look at that!?” So, I thought that I’d share some of them with you today.

“What the-?!” numero uno: World’s Most Powerful Laser

I may be crazy, but when I think of “laser,” I think “absolute killing machine.” How is this legal to sell online?! Darth Vader would kill for a saber that he could order from his spaceship for only $299. Talk about evil convenience; please tell me they do background checks before actually shipping these things.

“What the-?!” numero dos: Suit pajamas

At what kind of business meeting is it suitable to wear something like this? This to me screams completely useless. I doubt most minions out there actually enjoy wearing a suit during the day; they probably wouldn’t voluntarily wear one to sleep in.

“What the-?!” numero tres: T-rex

I love my ancestors as much as the next tortoise, but really? This would be the scariest lawn ornament of all time and the most expensive. Do you KNOW what 24,771,000.00 Euro is in the US? $32,084,617.79!! I’ll stand in your yard for an hour for $100.

However—I have to admit some useless expensive things are pretty cool. Check it…


I wish.


I’ll be accepting donations for this.

Anyway minions, continue creating these ridiculous, expensive, yet sometimes super cool things so that I have something to look forward to.

Happy Weekend-ing.