Sheldon’s Fun-day Friday

Happy Friday Minions! It is, yet again, the time to rejoice and praise the day that starts your weekend! And definitely don’t forget to send a little praise my way. After a week like this we all might want to pull a Bruno Mars, but please folks, enjoy the days off while you can.

I spent far too long debating on what I would share with my followers today. I have decided to only slighty completely harp on four things….

  • First: In the spirit of October and the quickly approaching Halloween…How have vampires gone from something to be feared to well…. this. I mean really, I blame the Twilight series for this turn of events. I doubt this is what Bram Stoker had in mind when he wrote Dracula.
  • Second: The release of Pitch Perfect, Taken 2, and Frankenweenie. Really, talk about a good mix of a capella talent, complete hardcore action, and creative animation. I probably could have added a good bit of character to each of these films. However, once again, these directors are just going to miss out on my musical, extreme fighting, and incomparably cute skills. Sorry, I’m not sorry.
  • Third: My love of random facts. Someone very wise once told me that knowing the most random, useless facts will inevitably help you win Jeopardy. We all know how much I enjoy being better than other people- so obviously this interests me. “I’ll take ‘The Ways in Which Sheldon Rocks’ for 75 trillion Alex.”
  • Fourth and finally- How awesome Baltimore city is. Thanks to the APA website, the rest of the world will now know how cool we are here in Bmore. The site posted a list of the top 10 best neighborhoods in the US, and that’s right, one of our very own made it to that list. I love gloating about myself AND my city.

So there you have it minions, yet another look into the wise and complex mind of your King, Sheldon.