NCURA’s YouTube Tuesday

Subrecipients are an important part of the research process, and it is imperative to keep track of all responsibilities inherent in these relationships.  In this week’s NCURA YouTube Tuesday, Bruce Morgan, Assistant Vice Chancellor for Research Administration at the University of California-Irving, discusses the obligations of pass-through entities under A-133.

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Sheldon’s Fun-day Friday

Happy Friday, minions!

I’ve received thousands of letters and emails recently asking me when I was going to follow in the footsteps of other celebrities and venture into the world of acting.  Well, my droogs, your question is answered, as today I am enlisting the help of a world-renowned improv troupe to get me started on my way.

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Grants v. Contracts (Part One)

While both grants and contracts are generally processed in the same office, and even, on occasion , by the same person, each have their own characteristics that are unique.  Because we’ve received many questions concerning their differences, we thought it would be helpful to provide a brief overview of each to highlight issues of which to be aware.  We’ll start with focus on the general differences between federal grants and contracts, and, in later posts, will discuss the different obligations and terms to negotiate in each award.

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