Sheldon’s Fun-day Friday

Minions, I’ve returned to clear your weekday blues. After such a busy week, I know you’ll desperately need the Sheldon pick-me-up.

Now, in the past I’ve posted about funny, fascinating, and knowledgeable things, however today I have decided to turn a new leaf.  For those animal lovers out there (which, by default, you all MUST be), I wanted to share with you some of my favorite “Awww-some” pics.

Yes, yes- I know that I am the most adorable, powerful, mindful, and poised One in the animal kingdom, but I am not above sharing the spotlight for the time it’ll take you to read and worship this post.  Especially when there are so many of my brethren that deserve their own 15 minutes of fame.

1.            Bunnies

Honestly, I think Snow White is to thank for the pet bunny idea. These little bundles of fur are adorable no matter what mischievous plan they ensue. Take these guys, for example, these bunnies obviously don’t live inside this house, so they took to breaking in.  Adorable.

2.            Dogs

Now I’ve heard of Labradoodles, Golden Doodles, ligers and even catdogs, but never in my Tortoise life have I seen a Dalbrador.    (See, Dalmatian-Labrador. . .Yes, I made that up just now.)  Although this tiny pup may need some assistance moving around with those big back paws, it still permits an absolute “aw” factor.

3.            Cats


I feel for this little ridiculously enormous kitty. If I ate everything my minion put in front of me I’d probably be that size an 8th of that size. She obviously needs to get a handle on her workers, because Halloween is only 5 weeks away, and at this rate she’ll never fit into her costume.

4.            The Wild Kingdom

Skinny and tall can be cute, too!  Proof being provided by my tall friend. Giraffes have to be the tallest animal to be considered cute. Honestly, no one is saying “awww, he is so cute” to this guy.

5.            Cats Part Deux

Check out my buddy the sphinx.  In all of its wrinkly glory, these animals are actually quite adorable. These are the labradoodles of the feline world for anyone that has animal allergies. Back in the day, these hairless kitties were also once seen as royalty, and lately they’ve seen resurgence in their popularity.

Whelp, that’s all for now, so today I’ll leave you with this. Enjoy your weekend, minions!