Sheldon’s Fun-Day Friday

Happy Friday minions!! This is a time for rejoicing, as our short week is almost over!  I’m going to save you from any ongoing rant that I had initially prepared for you all today and just say that I’m hitting the road.

Now I’m sure some of you think that it’s because of my new minion– that is kind of true not the case. I’m a turtle of the world, so why should I be confined to the small caged-off area behind my minion’s desk.  While my humble abode here in ORA has been quite satisfying, it’s time for me to share my presence with those outside of Baltimore, and seek out other wonders of the world. Although I might not be taking the Peter, Paul, and Mary way out (the TSA keeps telling me I have to check my shell), I do agree that I don’t know when I’ll be back again.

Where will I go, you ask?  Well, old minion is chillin’ in the ATL, and by that I mean going to school (what good will that do you??) outside of Atlanta, same difference.  So even though our time together has come and gone, I think that I’ll head that way– let her shower me with food and tell me how much she misses me, all while I check out what Atlanta has to offer.

My plans as of now are to visit the childhood homes of Julia Roberts and Ryan Seacrest. I might possibly even visit some of my own, long-lost family members at the Atlanta Zoo or the Georgia Aquarium. I’m sure my pal Tyler Perry and I will come up with a few more adventures while I’m down his way—stories to come later. And after I do a little sightseeing I think I’ll head over to the Georgia Tech OSP. . .perhaps they’ll want to smother me with love (because who doesn’t) for a couple of days.  Regardless, I’m looking forward to a short vaca away from this place.

Oh, and before I go, an update regarding an earlier post. SUPPOSEDLY some minions out there are complaining that Honey Boo-Boo and her family are not making enough money for their reality show. I just want to say that if anyone should be getting paid it should be me.

I’ll be awaiting your donations to the “Make Sheldon Famous” fund.  Praise your King and shower him with the respect dollar bills he deserves.  Until next time minions.