Sheldon’s Fun-day Friday

I’m having some major turtle tyrant problems today. The minion who cuts the fruit has escaped. Back-up fruit minions have been established, but I’m a little worried about the turn of events.

Being a turtle tyrant is not for the weak of heart. First, you have to keep up on the latest fashion or lack thereof. You have to keep up to date on the best animal to human interactions. And the cutest darn things on the internetz.  Many of you forget that, prior to my hostile takeover of the ORA and my acquisition of my minions, I was a normal, pet store tortoise! It is my minions (and how good I look in a blue jay costume) that have taken me to this new level of greatness.

So minions, I’m considering my retirement. Or maybe I’m not. I can’t really make decisions because fruit cutting minion ESCAPED!

While I decide my future (and also prepare for Sunday and the GREATEST REUNION EVER), I leave you with my very first Fun-day Friday post. Enjoy, tiny minions. Lull yourself back into support of your turtle king and, please, stop trying to escape.