Sheldon’s Fun-day Friday

Minions, are you as excited as I am?  Tonight’s the big night!

No, the vampire princess is not going to offer another apology, this time to the entire world for her acting “skills.”  (Though that one is long overdue.)

And no, Her Royal Madgesty will not be continuing her recent fan outreach project by giving a command performance in my prison home.

Nope, tonight is something BETTER: The opening ceremonies of the Summer Olympics!

I suppose I should protest the fact that you humans’ quadrennial exercise in grandiosity spares no expense, while the world’s real athletic heroes are relegated to second-class status.

But I honestly can’t find anything to get even remotely upset about for the next sixteen days, as we’ll be treated to some incredible feats of physical achievement, as well as wicked looking productions like this:

Take notes, underlings friends.  The next time I swing by your neighborhood, I expect a similar introduction.