Social Media Monday

Last week the US endured major media frenzy over the discussion of healthcare, with every major news station doing minute to minute coverage and debates. However, they were nothing compared to twitter! Hashtag healthcare (#healthcare) and you’ll get a taste of what a media assault is in the 21st century.

Twitter can be overwhelming to any person, regardless social media prowess, as it allows for entire arguments and feelings to be conveyed in rapid 140 character succession! Yet most people and organizations would consider you irrelevant without one. So what’s a Research Admin office to do?! Lately, we’ve been working to beef up our own twitter and upgrade our following list to those who really keep us up to date on happenings around the Research Admin and Public Health world. Here are a few of our favorite go-tos,

OER Communications (@NIH_OER) – we love their podcast links and updates about NIH grant opportunities!

Sally Rockey (@RockTalking) – as our favorite blogger, we love following her twitter on updates from conferences, new info about NIH and data about investigators! If there was a Sally Rockey fan club, we’d be president by now.

TechTransferTactics (@TechTranTactics) – the news about other universities and debates about hot topics in research admin and technology transfer make it a great resource.

Happy tweeting!