What To Expect When You’re Expecting

It’s been a banner day for your research group.  Globex Corporation has agreed to fund a project undertaken by your boss, Dr. Frink, to the tune of three million dollars.  All that stands in the way of that money is a five-page contract to be signed by both parties.  So, as you’ve been instructed, you forward the draft agreement to your designated department analyst so that they can process and send down to your friendly Office of Research Administration for review and execution.

If you’re in a department, or Dr. Frink himself, your next words are typically “And then we don’t hear anything!”  While we do our best, given the number of awards that are processed by our office each day, let alone each year, it simply isn’t possible to provide email or telephonic comments to all interested parties every step of the negotiation process.  However, JHU recognized the importance of communicating with our PIs, and thus MyRAP was born.

MyRAP (short for “My Research Agreement and Application Place”) operates as an outlet by which PIs and their personnel can check on the status of their pending agreements without the need to contact our office.  An individual record is created by ORA when any of the supported agreements is received, which will designate the lead PI, the sponsor, and other important related information.   As the agreement moves toward execution, the MyRAP record will be updated as applicable showing the progress of negotiations, as well as any information that is required for ORA to continue its efforts.  Consequently, anyone viewing the log for a given MyRAP record will be able to quickly see where things stand, and what has transpired up to that point.  Most of the time, the information on the page is sufficient to answer any questions that ordinarily would have been contained in an ORA-addressed email.

Accessing MyRAP is done simply by going to http://myrap.jhu.edu and signing in with your JHED ID.  Once you’ve logged in, you should be presented with a list of agreements.  If you’ve logged in as a PI, you will see only those records for which you are the primary investigator.  If, however, you are departmental personnel, you should see a list of all MyRAP records for your department.  You will then be able to learn the status of a given agreement by clicking on its related record.

Since MyRAP is web-based, interested parties can log in from anywhere in the world and access a listing of their agreements.  This is especially helpful during these summer months when offices are lightly staffed and PIs are taking a much-deserved break, so we encourage people to log in and take advantage of all that it has to offer.  And if you have any questions or experience any issues, please feel free to email us at admin@bloggingora.com and we’ll help sort them out.