SWFI Monday

When it comes to a sponsor seeking input and, in general, connecting with its ‘customers,’ there may be none better than NIH. The last few days have been no different, with several notices and helpful publications made available to the public. Here are a couple that may be particularly worthwhile for you and/or your PIs.

First up is a Request for Information (RFI) regarding the proposed modification concerning NIH’s BioSketch component of all grant, cooperative agreement and fellowship applications.  Many feel that the BioSketch as currently offered limits a PI’s ability to adequately and accurately describe the breadth and impact of their previous efforts, as well as puts undue weight on an applicant’s publication record.  As such, NIH formed a Working Group to discuss possible modifications to the BioSketch that would address these issues, and is asking for input to assist them in their endeavors.  Everyone is encouraged to participate, so check out the RFI and then submit your comments accordingly.

Moving to the post-application phase, NIH’s monthly Peer Review Notes  includes an article directed to those who were unsuccessful in their A1 applications and some helpful information regarding how, and whether, to resubmit.  With fewer funds available and more applicants seeking to pull from the governmental coffers, ensuring that your re-application is proper and ready for submission is more important than usual, so take a few moments to review NIH’s advice and see if you’re moving in the right direction.

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