Social Media Spotlight

As much as we would like to believe we are the Lewis and Clark of Research Administration when it comes to social media, there are a handful of Universities whose efforts predate ours in some form or another.  Additionally, we’ve seen an uptick in the number of other offices and Universities using social media to share information and links to that which they find helpful. So, in the spirit of community, teamwork, showing we know how to share, and camaraderie, Social Media Monday will periodically focus on a colleague who is particularly active within the SocMed arena.

We’ll begin with a trip out West to the Office of Grant & Research Development at Washington State University.  We immediately took to OGRD because they regularly maintain their platforms (both Facebook and Twitter), and, in general, publish a great deal of information from myriad sources. OGRD post tips and guidelines almost daily for students, faculty and staff, and further will include articles from various blogs and other news outlets. OGRD will also upload photos from their own events and status updates about the goings on relating to their research.

Besides being a gateway to vast amounts of worthwhile information, OGRD has contributed to the growth of our own platforms.  Thanks to their efforts, we discovered a blog tailored specifically to grant writing, and also began contemplating how to include content specific to student researchers, which we had previously not posted.  (In the spirit of openness, we also should point out that OGRD frequently posts funny cartoons relevant to Research Administration that manage to find humor in an admittedly dry field.)

In generally, we appreciate OGRD’s light-hearted yet substantive approach to Research Administration’s integration with social media, and their ability to include information directed to each group with whom they interact.  The Director of OGRD, Dan Nordquist, also happens to be the President of NCURA, which provides encouragement that NCURA will continue to increase its social media footprint in the coming months.