Sheldon’s Fun-day Friday

Stop 5 – Colorado Springs, CO

Distance from previous location: 1,142 miles

Total distance traveled (on purpose): 6,156 miles

Hola minions!  This week I traveled to Colorado Springs, because after weeks of travel troubles I wanted a city that’s cool with animals and also has some creature comforts. Colorado Springs was voted the most pet-friendly city in ‘Merica, so I hightailed it over. Pet friendly I wanted, pet hell I got!

There was this insane reading material shoved on me at my hotel.

I spoke to a source (who wished to remain anonymous) and was able to receive a response from the Union of Confederated Feline Animals.

Now, I’m all for the worshipping of pets.  (WORSHIP ME.)  But if you try to make a mini Sheldon out of pieces of my shell we are going to have major issues. Since being in Colorado, I have been forced to upgrade my defenses. These people are cray-cray and I fear for what they could do to me.

I get it – People in Colorado might be looking for outlets for their energies outside the norm. I mean, they have to focus their attention on their pets and figure out something to do when they are snowed in with their actual non-4 legged children for like 9 and ½ months of the year.  But for the love of Bieber, find something more productive to do!

Then I had an epiphany! What if people in Colorado only focus on cats?  What did cats ever do to them?! I guess all I can say is