Sheldon’s Fun-day Friday

This has been yet another rough week, but I’m *thisclose* to returning to civilization and, more importantly, my cross-country sojourn!  I wish I could tell you where I’ve been the last couple of weeks, but it’s all a bit of a blur since I left Miami.  I do know that I ended up seeing not only some of the most beautiful things ever, but also some of the most terrifying.

So, in these last few minutes before I get back to my ORA-imposed responsibilities, I’m going take a moment to remind y’all that I want opposable thumbs.  Alternatively, I’d appreciate it if Siri could understand turtlesspeak.  That harpy refuses to acknowledge my commands so often, Steve Jobs would be rolling over in his grave.  However, Apple apparently designed Siri during a Westminster Kennel Club Dog Show. . .I am so freaking jealous of this dog.  All I’ve ever wanted is to text, but no opposable thumbs = having to rely on voice commands and that ain’t working out.

But in the spirit of animal bipartisanship, I’ll leave you with the ramblings of the texting pooch.  Reading the musings from that ball of fluff makes me feel even more superior (like that was even possible).