How to Write a Statement of Work

Writing a SOW can sometimes be a challenge.  Although we cannot create a template for a SOW because SOWs can be very different depending on the project, what we have been able to do is to create a Form which you can use as a starting point.

The SOW Form below provides the overall framework and format for a SOW and guidance on what should be included.  The hope is that if everyone starts with this, it will increase consistency and help create clearer, more concise and complete SOWs which, in turn, will expedite processing.

Exhibit A



[ NOTE:  Be CLEAR, CONCISE and COMPLETE (do not have anything in the budget or payment schedule that is not in the SOW).  The SOW needs to be able to stand alone and should be understandable by a 3rd party not familiar with the subagreement. ]


[ Describes the requirements in general, non-technical terms and explains why the subrecipient was selected to work on the project. ]

Project Objective

[ A succinct statement of the purpose of the subagreement. It should outline results that JHSPH expects and/or identify the benefits to the program that are contemplated.]

Scope of Work

[ An overall, non-technical description of the work to be performed. It expands

on the projected objectives, but does not attempt to detail all of the work required. It must be consistent with the detailed Technical Requirements below. ]

Technical Requirements

[ Spells out precisely what is expected of the subrecipient in the performance of the work. For example:

  • Describes the specific tasks and phases of the work
  • Deliverables to be generated from the described tasks must be clearly defined
  • Specifies the total effort each task or phase is to receive
  • Considerations that may guide the subrecipient in its analysis, design, or experimentation on the designated problems
  • Identifies the requirements and indicates the scope of each

Reporting Schedule (if applicable)

[ Describes any progress reporting requirements including content, format and due date/frequency. ]

Special Considerations (if applicable)

[ For example, any equipment or data JHSPH will be providing to the subrecipient so that they may complete their work. ]

*Deliverables  / *Milestones  (*mandatory as they tie to the payment schedule)

[DeliverablesDefines and describes, in table or numbered list form, the deliverables, the quantity required, and the due date.  The Deliverables list should be part of or, if extensive, attached to the SOW.   OR

[ Milestones:  defines and describes progress points, occurrences, and due dates/schedule of events. ]