Sheldon’s Fun-day Friday

Happy National Snark Week.

It’s like Shark Week, except only those sarcastic and a little bit mean get to participate. Being snarky is a talent, but it’s better than people who think they can sing. It’s a week where we celebrate idiots. While on the road, I’ve been struggling with my snark. All the warm fuzzies, butterflies and occasional hugs are making me die inside. I even bought the new Glee tracks. I almost said YOLO (you only live once), bought a knit cap and fake glasses.

Thankfully, Suri sat me down and had a heart to heart about how much being fuzzy is weakness and that if I wasn’t careful some other turtle would pop out a Blue Ivy equivalent and I’d be DUNZO. I refuse to stand for this type of injustice!! You can’t top me.

I’m redecorating. I need to be surrounded by snark all the time. You should be jealous of my new décor. If you’re not you should probably go hug a nice tree. I hear they enjoy that.

Kitchen essentials

Bedroom awesomeness… yes those are monograms and yes the do say BAD ASS.

Now framed in my living room.

This is a good start, snark is important. Please give someone a backhanded compliment from me today.

One thought on “Sheldon’s Fun-day Friday

  1. “Please give someone a backhanded compliment from me today.”

    How’s this: I guess this blog is better than no blog at all.

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