Sheldon’s Fun-day Friday

Stop 2- Catoosa, Oklahoma

Distance From Previous Location: 1,097 miles

Total Distance Traveled: 2,707 miles

So here I am in the Sooner State, whatever the heck that means, because I definitely didn’t get here any sooner than I thought I would. Working my way through the Midwest was more tedious than I had expected, and if it weren’t for copious amounts of Starbucks and their promotion of indie awesomeness, I would have given up and bought a first class ticket back east ASAP.

Thanks to the Freelance Whales (legit band name or business plan. . .you decide), I was inspired to head to Catoosa, Oklahoma, to see this guy:

His name?  Blue Whale. The creativity almost killed me. I’m hoping it’s totally ironic, and that they plan to paint him pink one day but still call him Blue Whale.  If not, I’m glad we have gotten one good thing out of Oklahoma: Kristen Chenoweth.  (Oh, and Brad Pitt).

In Kristen’s honor, I’m planning on blasting Wicked the entire way to The Happiest Place On Earth. Oh, wait, you missed that?  I’m going to DISNEY WORLD. Eat your hearts out, Okies, I’m leaving this dust bowl post haste.