Sheldon’s Fun-day Friday

Sheldon’s Fun-day Friday

                This week was full of the post-birthday blues. If you’ve never partied like a rock star/sorority girl on your birthday you aren’t celebrating.  You’re simply eating cake, and you can do that any day.  So, to start to get over my post birthday blues, I was contemplating my next big adventure.  I mean, I’m long overdue for a vacation.

So, I called my new bff Gnomeo and visited his uncle’s travel site. We were all up on places to visit, talking about tropical paradise and adventures and cruises.  I was ONE CLICK away from paradise, or at least an all inclusive resort with no children or squirrels, and then there was nothing. Thanks solar flare for picking such an OPPORTUNE time to be a butthead. I appreciate it.

Now I’m over it (ish). I jumped on Amazon from my kindle and bought about 15 books, on someone’s one-click shopping (thanks ORA!), about the good ol’ USA. Apparently, there are a lot of crazy people in the states and they have yet to be educated by me. This is like my own concert tour, minus the concert and doubled up on the tour part.  But you can be sure there’ll be plenty of Adele crankin’ from my car stereo as I hit the open road.

Obviously, the first step was to buy a map. Like a real map, not an app – I’m kickin’ it old school up in here. I’m dictating notes to my desk neighbor and we are drawing up a plan. There’s been a committee set up for finding the perfect 5 star accommodations, one set up for music and one set up for finding roadside attractions. The planning has begun!!

The must-see list:

Stay tuned.