Making Subagreements Easier!

Subrecipients are an integral part of the research process, and here at the Bloomberg ORA we process roughly one thousand subagreements each year alone.  By themselves, the subs would take up a substantial amount of our office’s time, but when you factor in the additional contracts, grants, MOUs and assorted other agreements that come across our desks, it’s easy to see why caffeine and baked goods are the staples of each of our diets.

However, we’ve recently revised our system for processing subagreements that should streamline the efforts of our departments while also making our work efforts more efficient.  As most JHU folks know, subs are requested through an online checklist that takes in relevant information and presents it in a standardized form to our sub team.  While the current checklist did a solid job for several years, our new and improved checklist better addresses the informational needs of our office while also including an notification mechanism that wasn’t previously present.


Checklist.v2.0 can be found here, and includes several enhancements, including:

— No special log-in/code needed, just your ID/password

— Option to apply for a 96 IO# at the same time as completing the checklist

— Auto-generated email sent to ORA, so no need to manually alert us to new sub

— Ability to input Duns Number and other financial information


As part of the changes, please do note that you can no longer copy a checklist and control-v it into a new request, as each checklist must be completed on its own.  Additionally, you must save your data every 15 minutes while working within a checklist, or else you may lose whatever you have entered.  However, any minor annoyances caused by these changes should be far outweighed by the new benefits afforded to each department.

The official launch of the new checklist will be on March 26, 2012, and from that point forward no sub requests will be seen that come through the old website.  However, we encourage all of our departments to give the new checklist a test drive prior to the 26th to see if they encounter any issues or problems.  A Quick Guide will be provided on the website to assist users as they navigate the new interface, but if you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to contact the tireless Debra Brodlie at (443) 287-4771.