Sheldon’s Fun-day Friday

The giant rat has spoken.  (No, not this oneThis one.)   Winter will be here for 6 more long and sweet weeks.

I would be really bummed, but I was still getting a contact buzz from Kristen Bell hyperventilating on Ellen.

Seriously, Kristen Bell has never really been on my radar, but after this I can only imagine how many tears would be shed if she was lucky enough to meet me.  If a sloth can generate that emotion, think of what would happen if I were in her presence.  And I don’t mean the fake “Oh My God please don’t notice that I’m a fraud!” reaction.  I mean full-bore jubilation.

Speaking of legitimate feelings of OMG, the big news of the week comes from 5 wickedly talented British pop stars… THE SPICE GIRLS.  Unless you were living under a rock in the late 90s, the idea of these pop princesses reuniting is enough for a 1 way ticket to England.  (For you Spice Girl haters, you can console yourself with another popular UK export whose talent is TOTALLY comparable to its success.)  Now if they added in S Club 7, I could be okay with the world ending because there would be nothing else to live for.