Getting To Know Your Subrecipients – Part Three

On Monday, we discussed subcontractors, and yesterday we examined vendors.  Today, we finish our three-part look at subrecipients with a brief look at consultants.


Involvement:  May perform work, analyze results, evaluate project accomplishments or provide advice.

F&A (IDC):  F&A costs apply to the entire figure and are recorded on the consultant line of the budget.  You may be requested to specify an estimate as to the number of days required and the daily pay rate.  Pay cannot exceed normal market expectations.

PI/CoPI:  Personnel don’t necessarily have to be identified.  If so, normally it is one person unless a consulting group or entity.

Technology Transfer:  Low probability for patentable or copyrightable material, which depends on their involvement in the project.

Publications:  Unlikely.

Required Internal Paperwork For Routing:  If the consultant is known at the time of proposal, ORA asks (for internal purposes) for a letter confirming what the consultant has agreed to do and the funds expected to be paid, if any.  The general expectation is that the consultant will not use any non-personal assets during the requested work, or, in the event they WILL use non-personal assets, that they have permission to do so.

Cost Sharing:  Cost sharing is a possibility, but very unlikely.