Getting To Know Your Subrecipients – Part Two

Yesterday, we took a look at subcontractors, so today we’ll delve into some of the logistics of dealing with a vendor.


Involvement:  Only performs services, and no analysis or discretionary judgments.  Activities would include lab testing, reporting printing, etc., that are consistent with regular business operations and are made available to different purchasers or customers.

F&A (IDC):  F&A costs apply to the entire figure, and these fees are considered “other direct costs” on the budget.

PI/CoPI:  The people conducting the work don’t necessarily have to be identified.

Technology Transfer:  There is no potential for patentable or copyrightable technology to be created through the project.

Publications:  None.

Required Internal Paperwork For Routing:  None is needed, unless the sponsor requires it.  However, if you have received a quote, you should provide it to your ORA for inclusion in the proposal file.

Cost Sharing:  These are fixed price agreements, so neither cost sharing nor matching funds are involved.