Getting To Know Your Subrecipients – Part One

We’re asked a lot of questions here at ORA, and a great many are directed to the differences among several categories of “things” that fall under one common heading.  (For example, we’ve previously touched on the various types of awards.)   Today, we’ll begin a look at the characteristics that differentiate subcontractors, vendors and consultants.


Involvement:  Completes work promised and analyzes results found.  A Statement of Work, or objects with which they will assist, is required.  Generally involved in programmatic decisions.

F&A (IDC):  F&A costs apply only to the first $25,000 of the subaward regardless of the time it takes to reach this figure.

PI/CoPI:  Investigator(s) are identified.

Technology Transfer:  There is potential for patentable or copyrightable technology to be created through the project, and the entity has a right to protect the technology.

Publications:  Publication of the results is expected, with the Investigator(s) as named authors or co-authors.

Required Internal Paperwork For Routing:  Budget, budget justification, Statement of Work, official commitment letter from the organization, copy of rate agreement.

Cost sharing:  May be providing cost sharing or matching funds.


On another note, the OMB has issued a grant policy notice of which all should be aware with respect to ARRA funding and the directive to accelerate spending of any Recovery Act monies.  Check it out here and make sure to reconcile it with all of your applicable funding instruments.